Uma Rudd Chia is a multi-award winning advertising Creative Director and mom of two kids – Daniel, 6 and Sarah, 4.

She worked as a political journalist and feature writer for 5 years, in Malaysia’s leading English daily, The Star. She was also editor of women’s magazine, Style Infinity. During this time, she created many cut-through articles that championed education and social causes amongst under-privileged children in third world countries.

Uma has authored children’s stories and poetries that were published in various international kids magazines. She also wrote several scripts for the popular children’s animation series, Tommy and Oscar.

Apart from creating through the line advertising campaigns for childrens’ products including Enfa Gro, Lego, Toys R Us and Mattel, Uma has actively volunteered to bring education to rural India including Kanakapura, Sangham Vihar and Udaipur.

She has 2 years’ part-time experience teaching a religious (Christian) pre-school in Malaysia.

Uma believes that every child on this earth has a right to be educated. That education is a basic need. And that education is the only way to eradicate poverty and level the playing field, in today’s global economy. It is her personal mission to ensure that every child learns to read and write English simple, quickly and fluently as a first step to this.

Uma currently resides in Singapore and is pursuing her Master of Arts in Digital Media Management, with hopes to change the education landscape to cater better to digital natives (children of this age who are exposed to digital media).