Reading PANTS™ is the perfect tool for teachers and parents.

Our Level 1 Box contains 12 phonics lessons – each lesson takes a maximum of 45 minutes to go through. At the end of the 12 lessons, your child will be reading, writing and decoding hundreds of words.

Reading PANTS Level 1a, 1b, 1c Workbooks Phonics

3 Workbooks

12 chapters of spelling, writing and decoding exercises in a simple, structured method.

Reading PANTS Phonics Flashcards


Help your kids practice what you’ve taught them with word building games.

Reading PANTS Phonics CD

DVD Guidance

DVD ensures accurate pronunciation in a neutral English accent.

Reading PANTS Phonics Progress Chart

Progress Chart

Monitor your kid’s progress, chapter by chapter with golden star stickers.

Reading PANTS Phonics Level 1 Reading Chart


Paste it on your classroom wall to help kids recap lessons at a glance.

I Spot Level 1 Storybook Phonics

Interactive storybook

Watch your kids read this storybook effortlessly once they complete Level 1.

Reading PANTS Reading Plan Phonics

Teaching guides

Included in each workbook, so you can start teaching with no preparation needed!

When your child completes Level 1, they will be able to:

  • Smoothly write alphabets A to Z
  • Decode over 1,000 English words (which spell out objects)
  • Accurately articulate English words
  • Spell over 1,000 English words
  • Play word games like Boggle and UpWords
  • Read a storybook on their own