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Complies to requirements of UK Ministry of Education

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1000 words
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Reading PANTS phonics programme for kids


Ideal for ages 4-7.

Systematic synthetic phonics

We use a phonics method highly recommended by the UK Education Department. Reading PANTS™ has the simplest phonics methodology to teach kids to read; one letter sound at a time. It’s the easiest way to teach English!

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Phonics for non-English speaking kids

It’s not only for smart kids or English-speaking kids. Reading PANTS™ is the right phonics programme, even for kids whose first language is not English, as is the case in most Asian cities. And it works amazingly well with kids who already have a grasp of the English language.

Best Quality Phonics Programme

We adopted and improved on the best practices of the world’s top 10 phonics programmes. We’ve put our learnings in one box just for parents and teachers like you.

Reading PANTS™ is expected to receive its certification and be amongst the handful of phonics programmes to be approved by the UK Education Ministry.

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Reading PANTS™ is a research-based reading programme that’s perfect for parents as well pre-school teachers who are looking for the simplest and fastest way to teach kids how read and write English. Everything you need is provided in the box. No homework, research or extra preparations needed. All you need is 45 minutes, twice a week, to see maximum results.

If only teaching maths was as easy.

Thanks a lot. Now I can't get my boy to stay quiet anymore. Great job!

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I taught my daughter over 100 words in just a couple of weeks!

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